this page is dedicated to classic style motorcycling: no speed, no racing, but the joy of cruising and the flow of landscape, usually on oldschool airheads.

around 1988 i got involved with a '72 model slash5 bmw (the picture was taken recently on a trip to brandenburg). it had 88 000 km the time i bought it. the motor was overhauled by the previous owner at 80 000 km, with new pistons and leadfree valves. until sold it took me approx 150 000 km around, mostly for everyday use but also lots of holiday trips around (mostly southern) europe, for ex the alps 04 tour. its tachometer showed 232 000 km when sold in 2007. during the years i changed the clutch, the gearbox and the rear drive once (pics of a repairsession can be seen here). that was it! after nearly 18 years of service (the last tour took me from berlin to poland, slovakia, hungary, austria, and back, see tatra-tuna cruising) there might be time for a newer one i thought. in october 2006 i bought a '78 model slash7. originally a 80/7, it was drilled out to 900 ccm. motor, clutch and gearbox have been overhauled recently and it is in a remarkably good condition given its age.

meanwhile i changed vehicles, the slash5 is sold and the slash7 too - time for an upgrade i guessed - a '99 r1100gs was the deal. the first tour made it clear that this was the right decision, otherwise more than 11000 km in 6 weeks would have been a torture. it took me from berlin across the eastern balkan - romania - into turkey and across the bosphorus into anatolia to the ararat at the border to iran - and back.

the gs1100 made another tour this year, again anatolia, again mountains and rivers and villages, crosscountry and a lot of offroad, see karadeniz 008 - turkey offroad

this years trip is still in the phase of planning, but will nevertheless be exceptional since it will last 5 months. we will be located in the eastern black sea region and use it as a basecamp for tours into kaukasus and beyond

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